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HDD provides utility service installations for all types of utilities. Dirt and Rock Horizontal Drilling. Our installations can be 1" pipe to 30" pipe and just about any length.

Sewer Force Main

100 feet of 3" HDPE installed for the famous Polly's Pancake House in Sugarhill, NH - Force Main Sewer Installation

Gravity Sewer Installation

Enfield, New Hampshire HDD used our largest of five rigs the Vermeer 100x120 to install 100 feet of 24" steel pipe for a gravity sewer. The crew came within 1/100 of a foot on target.

Expect Efficient Sewer Installations from Henniker Directional Drilling

Sewer pipes provide critical infrastructure to all types of businesses and communities. They maintain public health, protect the environment and make everyday life more comfortable and clean. At Henniker Directional Drilling, we perform horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installations for all sizes and types of sewer lines.

Our team has 21 years of expertise in HDD. Each member of our crew goes through extensive training, which ensures speed, accuracy, and precision on every project. We are committed to a job well-done, as we work hard to ensure client satisfaction. We also belong to many industry and trade organizations, including:

Why Professional Commercial/Municipal Sewer Installations Matter

Professional commercial and municipal sewer installations assure you of the efficient transportation of wastewater to treatment plans. Proper installation techniques prevent leaks. By containing wastewater, sewer installations prevent dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites from infecting locals.

To initiate a sewer installation project, we bring in our HDD equipment and create the pilot hole. We then insert the boring head to enlarge the hole and create the pathway for the pipe. Our equipment clears several feet per minute, allowing us to quickly install any length of sewer pipeline you need.


The Many Benefits

Sewer line installations allow your business or community to grow. The addition of new retail districts, residential neighborhoods, or other developments requires new infrastructure. Our sewer installations provide you with:

Clean groundwater

Replenishment of aquifers

Protection of the soil

Safe spaces for work and play

Healthy communities


Crossing New England's Toughest Terrain for over 21 years

Let Henniker Directional Drilling Handle the Work

Our crew arrives on time and with everything required to complete every sewer line installation. Throughout the process, our team informs you of updates and progress. Upon completion, we restore the worksite to its original condition. We meet your timeline requirements and deliver high-quality work every time.

Our sewer installations ensure safety, cleanliness, and environmental stewardship. To learn more about our commercial and municipal sewer services or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Henniker Directional Drilling today.