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Meeting the Needs of Commercial and Municipal Clients With Horizontal Directional Drilling

With 21 years of experience performing horizontal directional drilling (HDD), our team at Henniker Directional Drilling looks forward to helping you with your next project. Our commercial and municipal services help communities thrive, maintain safety, and promote sustainable growth and development.

As a family-owned and -operated business, we offer excellent customer care. We proudly belong to many industry and local organizations, including

An Overview of HDD

HDD consists of a three-step process. We create the pilot hole, enlarge it and feed the pipe through. HDD works under waterways, interstates, roads, and other infrastructure. With no trenches, surface features remain intact. In preparation for the installation, we need to determine the bore path of the pipe along a shallow, underground arc. We also estimate the load that should be applied to the pipe during pullback and choose an appropriate pipe for the project.

Upon boring the pilot hole and the emergence of the bit in the exit pit, we remove the drill bit then place the reamer on the end of the pipe string and pull back to enlarge the borehole. This hole should be about 50% larger than the pipe. We then fuse lengths of polyethylene pipe together. The pipe is heated and the molecules undergo a transformation into a crystalline state, enabling a seamless joining of the pipe. The end result is a fusion joint that is as strong or stronger than the pipe itself.


Crossing New England's Toughest Terrain for over 21 years

Our crew is ready to help you with all types of HDD pipeline and conduit installations, namely:

We install drains to divert water away from roads, businesses, and homes. The HDD process protects and preserves infrastructure.

Benefit from Our Safe, Accurate, and Timely Services Today

Our depth of knowledge, skill, and investment in the latest tools and technology make Henniker Directional Drilling the right choice for commercial and municipal HDD services. To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact us today.