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Providing Maine Municipalities and Businesses With Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

As a family-owned and -operated business, our team at Henniker Directional Drilling provides Maine business owners and municipalities with reliable horizontal directional drilling (HDD) utility services. Our affordable, thorough and accurate work makes us the right choice for pipelines and conduit installations. Our trenchless method preserves natural spaces and protects infrastructure.

Having 21 years of experience in HDD, our company invests in state-of-the-art equipment, ongoing training, and the best gear for our skilled crew members. We ensure prompt project completion and work in any conditions.

What You Should Know About HDD

Horizontal directional drilling means virtually no excavation, as we just need one pilot hole to install any type of pipe or conduit. It also virtually eliminates landscaping and hardscaping damage. HDD keeps businesses and roads open and minimizes environmental impact and restoration time.

Our crew uses HDD to install all types of conduit and utility pipelines throughout Maine. You can count on us for:

We install drains under bridges, tunnels, roads, and parking lots. By diverting the water, we extend the structure's lifespan, reduce repairs and ensure public safety.



Let Us Handle Your HDD Needs

For more details about our horizontal directional drilling services for Maine communities and businesses, get in touch with Henniker Directional Drilling today. You may contact our team by calling us or filling out the form.