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Serving Municipal and Commercial Clients in the Northeast United States


Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) assures communities and businesses of all types and sizes they can have access to reliable underground utilities. At Henniker Directional Drilling, our specialization is HDD. We serve rural areas, small towns, and large cities throughout the northeast United States, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

We're a family-owned and operated business. For 21 years, we have been dedicated to providing cost-effective HDD for municipalities and businesses. Our commitment to safety and client satisfaction make us the right choice for all underground pipeline and conduit installations.

What You Need to Know About HDD

Take note that horizontal directional drilling requires no trenches. In most cases, we only need to dig one pit. The pit size requirement depends on the scope of the project and the size of the pipe or conduit we install. HDD has minimal environmental impacts and allows streets and businesses to remain open. Our crews can work overnight and in nearly any weather condition. We offer a full selection of HDD for conduit and pipeline installations, namely:

Our crews install drains for roads and highways. These drains divert water and protect infrastructure.



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Henniker Directional Drilling proudly serves communities and businesses of all sizes throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, And Connecticut. Our team looks forward to providing you with reliable, accurate, and precise HDD services. For more information or to schedule a consultation, get in touch with us any time.