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Benefit from Horizontal Directional Drilling in Vermont

For 21 years, our team at Henniker Directional Drilling has been providing Vermont business owners and communities with cost-effective and environmentally sound horizontal directional drilling for pipeline and conduit installation. Our business-friendly processes minimize traffic and environmental impacts as well as ensure swift project completion.

Three generations of our family have performed HDD services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and professionalism make us the right choice. We serve all of Vermont, including rural areas, small towns, and the larger cities of Burlington and Montpelier. Our company belongs to many professional and trade associations:

Horizontal Directional Drilling is What You Need

Trenchless pipe installation methods, including HDD, require no excavation. This allows us to quickly complete projects. With only one pilot hole needed, we minimize surface impacts. Minimal restoration requirements reduce the time required for project completion and the project's total costs. We serve all of Vermont and perform HDD all year long and in any soil conditions. Our full range of HDD services assures you of accurate and precise utility connections, especially when it comes to:

HDD for drains protects roads and hard surfaces from water damage. We install drains under parking lots, tunnels, bridges, and roads.


Entrust the Installation Service to Our Team

For additional details about our HDD services in Vermont or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Henniker Directional Drilling. Call our team or fill out the form to get started.