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Cost Savings

HDD saves you money in surface restoration. The HDD process of installing conduits under highways, rivers, wetlands, and parking lots minimizes the impact on property, lives, traffic and businesses.

Less Disruptive

When using HDD most are not aware that new utility services are being installed. The properties in the drill path are not disturbed. This means that lawns, sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces are not affected. This eliminates months of ongoing cost to restore the area and by using HDD there is little impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Traffic control is minimized and causes less disruption. There is less construction traffic to and from job sites. This is important in municipalities where there are areas of heavy traffic and commercial businesses that are affected by construction.

Small Footprint

HDD has a small construction footprint and is used where non-traditional excavation methods are unable to take place. The small footprint allows for a clean job site providing less clean-up work.

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