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They we great to work with, and professional. The HDD crew was very determined and persistent at getting there work done. As an employer myself it's great to have good people working for you to represent your company and you do!"

Ed Dominechello

E.D. Electric


"On our ledge filled job, Henniker found the path to get it done. I cannot do it is not in their vocabulary. Henniker is professional, customer focused and courteous staff put the project at ease and made it a success."


Walpole, MA


"You guys mobilize an impressive operation and I look forward to working together again- Thanks!"

JDB Construction

Weston, MA


"By directional Drilling our way under one lane of Route 10 in New Hampshire, we were able to simplify pour traffic control plan and maintain steady alternating traffic thought the entire process."

Pat Rawson Construction


Wanted to thank you for the great crew we had yesterday in Epsom. They did their work professionally and showed a willingness to go the extra distance to make sure we had a successful job."

Water System Operators

Epsom, NH


"Exceptional Service! The crew went way beyond expectations. Thank you for a job well done!"




"Professional and Exceptional installation. Stringly recommended."

Valley Sports Inc.

Acton, MA


"Jeff, Danielle & crew represent value added service by providing safe and reliable solutions to challenging pipeline issues."

Eric Watson Excavating, Inc.


"Professional, courteous, and helpful. I would recommend this company to any contractor!"

Gilford Site works, Inc.

Gilford, NH


"HDD has performed numerous bores with us in Litchfield and Durham, NH. Their work and crews are nothing short of exceptional. Always on time and excellent to work with."

Tom Billetter

American Excavating


"Professional, courteous and helpful. Would recommend this company to anycontractor!"

Steve Gleeson

President Gilford Site Works Inc.


"On our ledge filled job Henniker found the right path to get the job done. "I can't do it" is not in their vocabulary. Henniker's professional, customer focused and courteous staff put the project at ease and made it a success."

Tom Flaherty

P.J. Hayes Inc.


"Very professional, delivered what was promised and more."

Jack Goncalves & Sons


"Extremely professional, crew was great. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a job well done."

Matthew Lynch

Lynch Development Corporation


"I have nothing but GOOD things to comment. I was very impressed that the lead man took the time to walk the site and ask all of the right questions as to any of the things that might be in the ground PRIOR to even unloading the machine. That gave me a good feeling right at the start that he is conscientious and experienced. The crew worked well together and all were personable. I am disappointed that we could not complete the task at hand, but completely understand that the site conditions were responsible for our misfortune. I would have liked to see the whole process through, as your crew arrived at the site with nice equipment and prepared to complete the job. The service you folks provided from the first phone call to the final invoice was top notch. As a business owner myself, I admire and respect HDD and when the next boring project comes up you can be sure I will be calling you!"

Jeff Nute

Nute Excavating Inc.


"Everyone on the crew was undeterred by the tough conditions and focused only on getting the job done"

Allan E. Burrill

Holland, MA


Not only was the boring under Route 93 done in a timely manner, the quality of your work was "second to none."

Will Socha

Socha Companies


"HDD went the extra mile to help us under difficult conditions"

D. Jankoski

Hutter Construction Corp.


"Your attention to small details. Excellent equipment and a very experienced staff has resulted in a job well done"

R. Bellerose Jr.

Blue granite Environmental Consultants, LLC


Henniker Directional Drilling completed a connection between our home and our town's municipal water supply in November, 2001. We probably could not have completed this job by conventional trenching methods, since the town water main was located approximately 400 feet away, and access required crossing a state highway as well as traveling up a secondary road. We never received an estimate for conventional trenching and hookup but were informed that the cost would be very high, at least $25,000 and probably more.

The job was completed by Jeff Martin and his crew in a timely fashion and cost less than $10,000. Jeff and his crew were courteous, professional, and caused no disruption in our daily lives. We would gladly work with Jeff again and in fact consulted him about another project recently. We happily refer potential residential and commercial customers to Jeff and the rest of the Henniker Directional Drilling team."

Molly & Ted Hardenbergh

Hopkinton, NH

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