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We Provide Horizontal Directional Drilling in Massachusetts

At Henniker Directional Drilling, we proudly serve Massachusetts business owners and communities with cost-effective and environmentally sound horizontal directional drilling services. With 21 years of experience, we deliver accuracy and precision on every project. This method of trenchless pipe and conduit installation preserves infrastructure and maintains public safety.

We're a family-owned and -operated business. Our team stays on top of industry developments, and we continuously learn new techniques. We also invest in the best HDD equipment to provide our clients with prompt service.

A Few Facts About HDD

HDD uses no trenches. Instead, we create a pilot hole for our equipment. The equipment enlarges the hole underground and creates the right size bore for the conduit or pipeline. HDD also minimizes impacts on traffic, hardscaping, and the environment. Business owners and members of the community can go about their usual activities during our HDD installations.

Through HDD, we install all types of pipelines and conduit for utility services throughout MA.

Flat surfaces collect water, which leads to hydroplaning, washouts, and accidents. We install drains that divert and carry water away from roads, underpasses, bridges, tunnels, and parking lots.



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To learn more about our HDD services for municipal and commercial properties in Massachusetts, contact us at Henniker Directional Drilling today. Feel free to schedule a consultation by calling our team or filling out the online contact form today.