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Electrical Installation Service Without the Lengthy Disruption

As a family-owned and operated business, Henniker Directional Drilling provides municipal and commercial clients with reliable horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for electrical service installations. Our team installs electrical conduits to rural businesses, new neighborhoods, and remote locations. HDD minimizes environmental and business impacts and promotes fast project completion.

We have served municipal and commercial clients for 21 years. Our crew travels throughout Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire, from rural areas to state capitals. Each member of our team keeps learning and stays on top of industry trends. We belong to many professional associations, particularly:

Importance of Electrical Installation Service

Electricity powers all of the modern conveniences of daily life. It also ensures that life-saving systems, including air conditioning, medical devices, and heating systems operate smoothly. Our professional HDD electrical installation services make sure that every business and community can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity, even during times of peak demand.

When we begin an HDD electrical service installation project, we set up a safety perimeter around the worksite. Our crew excavates a small pit to accommodate the conduit for the electrical wiring and cables. We deploy a boring head to enlarge the hole and place the conduit. Our equipment lays several feet of conduit per minute. The small footprint of our equipment causes minimal impacts on residential, commercial, and municipal properties.


Reliable Solutions Courtesy of Henniker Directional Drilling

Underground electrical service doesn't go out during ice or snow storms. The power stays on when nor'easters and other severe weather events affect the region. Our HDD electrical installations resist damage from pests, animals, accidents, and more. Placing electrical lines underground also enhances public safety.


Crossing New England's Toughest Terrain for over 21 years

Work With the Team That Specializes in Minimally Invasive Services

Our efficient HDD equipment facilitates the installation of any length of electrical conduit. We work under bridges, tunnels, roads, highways, parking lots, and other structures. Our timely project completion, thorough work, and safety record make us the right choice for electrical line installations via horizontal directional drilling.

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